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Why Women Are Choosing Dentistry

Dentistry as a Career for Women

Many women, historically and today, are choosing dentistry because it is such an intellectually challenging, and also rewarding, profession. It is one that offers a good standard of living for anyone who pursues it – which makes it ideal for women who are coping with life changes such as divorce or the death of their spouse. It also offers flexibility – women can set their own hours when they manage a practice.

Women entering the profession get empowered by their mentors, and are able to overcome the challenges of working in a field which is still slightly male dominated – although those statistics are changing.

Women have the choice of some great career paths – and medicine and dentistry are ones that are just really opening up for them. In the 19th century, it was considered inappropriate for women to join those fields – because they should not be exposed to the indelicacies of the human body. Men were reluctant to view women as equals, but the deans of two major dental colleges pioneered the idea of women getting into dentistry, and it was seen as a plus that women would join the field – because their nurturing qualities allowed them to treat children and women.

Now, women perform well in the field. They are self-reliant, and they have fought opposition to make it into the field. They are, in many ways, elevating the profession by entering into it, and offer good service to the people they treat.